Above all, a diaper backpack helps balance your body out. Think about it.

You have a thirty pound child on one side (or a big and bulky infant seat carrier), and a humongous, equally heavy bag on your fragile wrist on your other side.

You probably look like quite the circus performer maneuvering around with both!

A diaper backpack will help you take the load off your side and will help improve your balance.

Really, it is a great way to remain safe because I know a lot of moms who have toppled over while making their exit, who have strained their backs and arms with the bag, and who have also lost their balance when going up and down steps with it in hand along with their child.

Most diaper packs tend to be much smaller than a diaper bag.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t need all of that room in that bag. A back pack gives me plenty of space and it has just as many compartments as my diaper bag.

And the main selling point for me is that I also have one whole arm and hand free!

It doesn’t sound very exciting, but it makes a world of difference. I no longer struggle to carry in a bag or two from the grocery store with my baby and bag in tow. More at https://www.brandreviewly.com/best-diaper-bags/.

I don’t have to make multiple trips, and I always have a hand ready to unlock my door and unload my stuff.


What to look for in a great diaper backpack.

If you’re considering making the switch from bag to pack, here are some key characteristics to consider:

  • It’s strong. And by strong, I mean it can handle everything from diapers, to a change of clothes, to wipes, and even a few bottles (I’ve even tossed a canister for formula in mine). You don’t want something that will stretch and sag over time due to weight restrictions. Look for a good, strong bag so it works effectively for you.
  • Adjustable straps. Sometimes you will be wearing your backpack with a winter coat, other times with nothing. You want to make sure it fits you comfortably and snug so you don’t have to worry about pushing it back into place.
  • It’s roomy. Obviously you don’t want to look like a nomad when wearing one, but you do want something large enough to carry all of your essentials. A great rule of thumb? Pick something that reminds you of the backpack you used to carry in elementary school. That was big enough to carry your lunch bag, books, and binders, so it’s sure to be big enough to carry your baby items.
  • It has compartments. One thing I do love about a diaper bag is that it is filled with compartments. It allowed me to stick my hand in the bag and pull out whatever I needed without looking because I had my organizational system on lock down. Packs also come with compartments, so make sure you get enough and set up a similar system. Also, it’s always an added bonus when it has a bottle holder compartment, so you don’t need to bring any kind of additional small bags to store your bottles in.
  • It wipes clean. Much like a diaper bag, you want to make sure your pack is able to be cleaned with ease. Without fail, you will always get some kind of fluid on it, whether it is bodily or a bottle that leaks. Always go for something easy to clean.
  • It’s affordable. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a great bag. Shop around to not only get something that you love, but is a bargain buy!

So, are you ready to make the switch from bag to pack?

Doing so changed my life, and saved my poor arms!

A diaper backpack just makes sense, and I love that dads get into wearing them too. More at https://www.brandreviewly.com/best-backpack-diaper-bags/.

A great investment, just be sure to register for one if you are expecting, or shop for one and keeping my key characteristics and recommendations in mind.

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