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ThyssenKrupp Access is a world-class manufacturer of Lifts and lifts. One of the different types of lifts introduced, the Excel Stairlift is a AC powered directly stairlift with a fold monitor. The Excel stairlift has a number of special features which make it stand apart. Appreciating substantial sales in North America, this stairlift is uniquely intended for convenience, relaxation and comfort.

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The Excel stairlift can be controlled with household current. The rate of this elevator is 1825 fpm and the lift may travel a maximum distance of 3 2′ or 9.75m. The 19″ wide contour seat with features that lock 60° or 90° is also a convenient and secure choice for those users. The railings of the elevator can be folded up when not being used. Different options for restraining the elevator are available. They are key alternate unit controller, joystick control and handheld pendant control. Seat, padded armrest and footrest can be folded up when not being used. This provides room enough for others to make use of the stairways comfortably.

Safety measures provided from the excel stairlift comprise:

  • Carriage obstruction sensor
  • Foot rest obstruction detector
  • Swivel chair cutoff switch
  • Final limit switches
  • Chair belt

The Seatbelt provides MONTASCALE A PERUGIA maximum security, holding the user Securely while the lift goes. The obstruction sensors are capable of feeling any obstacle on the route of this lift, and stop its own movement. This helps in preventing injury to an individual. More over, damages into the lift can be avoided too. The 3 upholstery alternatives out there to your Excel stairlift are taupe vinyl, misty grey plastic and oatmeal herringbone fabric. The manufacturers provide a five year warranty for the drive train and a two year warranty for all components components.

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As ThyssenKrupp Access has nationwide traders, clients can These dealers help Customers from the setup, maintenance and repairs of the lift. Used Stairlifts may also be available in many retailers. These used stairlifts may be Purchased at quite fair prices. An Excel stairlift is in every way an Advantage to your house, and will surely enhance the resale value of your home.