Valorant Devs Are Asking Players To Report Cheaters More Often

Valorant anti-cheat lead Paul “Arkem” Chamberlain broke down some in-game reporting statistics with the aim of encouraging players to report cheaters more often.

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While Vanguard has proven quite capable of tracking down hackers, Arkem revealed that player reports are the “most powerful tools” against cheaters. Reports go on to the anti-cheat team, informing them of any suspicious activity. this provides them a far better understanding of players’ in-game experiences and what must be done to deal with any issues.

What Happens Once You Report A Player In Valorant?

In their most up-to-date blog post, Valorant developers decided to interrupt down the life cycle of a report, giving players more insight into how powerful a tool this will be against cheating.

When it involves the automated side of the anti-cheat team’s process, Vanguard backend uses reports to make a decision whether a player should receive “additional scrutiny.” This decision could also be supported the amount of reports Vanguard has received about an account. If a player was reported a high amount of times, Vanguard are going to be more confident in its findings, allowing the account to be blocked faster without the necessity for a manual review. To download undetected valorant aimbot and wallhack Learn More

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On the manual side of things, analysts will review “the most suspicious players” a day , starting with the players who are reported the foremost often. “These manual reviews help us find cheats that aren’t automatically detected that we then use to enhance Vanguard in order that automatic detection (and bans) will happen within the future. We also use these manual reviews as a chance to get rid of the foremost disruptive players before schedule,” Arkem explained.

The anti-cheat lead noted that “ban waves” are often implemented to stay cheat developers within the dark on whether or not their cheat is being detected. The anti-cheat team then urged Valorant players to report more often. Whenever a player seems something suspicious, the anti-cheat team encouraged them to use the reporting system. They called these reports the “best intelligence” the team could invite when it involves getting hackers and cheaters banned from the sport .