The Return of The Tuner Car! The Toyota FT-86!

Back in the late 90’s car Businesses Normally connected with pragmatic vehicles started realizing the cars that they thought were conducted of the mill were becoming popular. Cars like the Honda Civic and the Acura Integras were tuned by their owners to operate by Corvettes and cars like the Toyota Supra were compared with super cars. This trend to pruning has been picked up by the media, Internet Newsgroups, and there were even a few films made on it. Finally the car makers got wind of the and started releasing Robot vehicles of their own.

What ended up happening was watered down Market cars carrying the trademarks and brands of what were once fierce tuning businesses, or real tuner cars which were approaching luxury car prices. The generic run of the mill car that could be tuned to a track monster without breaking the bank was apparently gone.

Toyko 2009 Preview: Toyota FT-86 Concept brings back the Hachi ...

Honda currently offers only the Civic Si with not Far more power than it had 10 decades ago and the Acura Integra/RSX. . .not even made . Toyota, well there is nothing quite exciting if you don’t step up to the IS-F. Then along came Hyundai, attempting to shake up things a bit, releasing their Genesis coupe. A recipe which made the word Toyota a once powerful performance phrase,when it could be associated with the Supra Turbo. Now it seems that Toyota will go into that stadium, rather than with all the super car they have experienced in development for many years.

Toyota has announced that the new 88์นด FT-86 Sports Car. The name is based on the legendary Toyota Corolla from the mid 80s, Which is a pirate legend. The FT-86 will be back Wheel Drive and electricity will Be fed into those wheels through Subarus Boxer motor. This is the normally aspirated Version of the engine that seems in the WRX.